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We specialize in the small AKC registered Imperial size puppies that are 5 to 7 pounds as adults but occasionally also have some puppies a little larger.  We also occasionally offer Tiny Toy Teacup Japanese Chin puppies weighing only 3.00 to 4.50 pounds as adults; these will occasionally occur in any breeding program where the objective is to breed small Breeder/Show Imperial size. We are a small hobby breeder and believe in quality over quantity.  All of our Japanese Chin puppies are handled daily by us and we delight in them!  Our puppies are also used to being around cats. 

We breed for top show quality Japanese Chin and work to preserve the bloodline of beautiful Chin!  Our puppies are socialized from birth to be around people, other Japanese Chin and cats.  They are also around our Giant Schnauzer. 

   Make your new Japanese Chin Puppy an Anime Chin Puppy !

We ship our Japanese Chin puppies in the US but only with 'Flight Nanny'.  The airlines do not accept the snub nose breeds in pet cargo.  We can also meet at the Indianapolis Airport if you're flying in to pick up or within a reasonable radius of our home here in Indiana.

Our adult Chin are all litter box trained and we can give you advice on how to continue your puppy towards that goal if desired.   Prior to weaning they do observe their mother using a litter box with wood stove pellets and at age 4-5 weeks our puppies will also go to mom's litter box.  However at the weaning age they start playing in the pellets and when this occurs we switch to pee pads in the litter box.  If you keep their area small they should continue to use the pee pad inside the litter box and in time you can start placing some pellets on top of the pads and transition them back to the pellet box.

If you do not find the Japanese Chin puppy you desire on our Available Puppy page please feel free to email or call us. There are times when our puppies never make it to this page as we are getting requests for puppies on a pretty constant basis. We can place you on our Japanese Chin Waiting list for the puppy you desire.  Japanese Chin are the best toy breed in the world! Many who own a Japanese Chin end up getting another....and another.
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